Homeowner Representation

Homeowner Representation

There are 13, 850 vacant residential real estate properties in the Las Vegas metro area, according to a Las Vegas Review Journal report. Vacant real estate properties can suffer from numerous disasters due to mold infestations, vandalism, stolen parts, damaged appliances, broken water pipes, and squatters. These are just a few problems property owners need to face without Tactical Real Estate Solutions. You can get our help when it comes to routine property inspections, neighborhood cleanup, realtor escort, and squatter removal Las Vegas.

The Problem with Vacant Properties

There are various reasons real estate properties are vacant. If your property is for rent and your most recent tenant just ended the contract, it can be left vacant for a while. The same is true if it is for sale. If the occupant takes a year-long vacation it might also look vacant to the eyes of passersby. This can attract problems including:

  •         Theft – Theft is one of the most common crimes committed in vacant properties. Thieves usually take copper piping and other building parts. You might have property insurance, but according to the Claims Management website, most policies don’t offer coverage for theft or vandalism on vacant realty properties.
  •         Vandalism – Vandals find vacant real estate properties to be easy targets. They can damage your property on different levels from breaking light bulbs to ruining furniture. Squatters may also cause vandalism like painting walls with graffiti. The situation is more complex if they become violent and you will need law enforcers to help you with Las Vegas squatter removal.
  •         Weather – If you leave your property unattended for a long time, weather can damage both your building’s exterior and interior parts. It is important to get someone to inspect your property regularly while you are away.
  •         Squatters – The longer your property remains empty, the more likely it will attract squatters. Homeless people look for easy ways to acquire properties, albeit illegally. Although your squatter removal Las Vegas can be successful with the help of the court, the squatters may cause irreparable damage to your property. The longer they stay, the harder the removal of squatters Las Vegas will be.

If your vacant property is not well-maintained, they can become eyesores and affect property values in the neighborhood. They attract vandalism and squatters who may steal resources from neighbors. It might lead to the tedious and burdensome process of Las Vegas squatter removal.

The Best Solution to Vacant Real Estate Properties

If you want to avoid the financial, emotional, and physical burdens of Las Vegas squatter removal, hire our team of law enforcement experts. Take advantage of our homeowner representation services where we monitor your property regularly. Our routine visits will make sure no squatters will occupy your property or there are no potential hazards such as broken pipes or windows. Routine maintenance checks also include smoke detector and security system checks.

You may also install security systems such as alarms, bright lighting, and security cameras. However, the presence of humans, especially former law enforcement officers like us, is the best way to avoid situations that may need removal of squatters Las Vegas. We can make random visits to the building and check the issues that cameras don’t detect.

The proper preemptive measures are necessary to keep your home free from potential hazards and squatters. As we all know, removal of squatters Las Vegas comes with hefty fees and complicated legal papers.

Squatter Removal Las Vegas: Preventing this Tedious Process

Our homeowner representation does not only include vacant property checkups and squatter removal Las Vegas. We can also do safe and clean inspections during a tenancy. Move-in and move-out security inspections are also our expertise. This is especially necessary if you think you might already need lawful removal of squatters Las Vegas from your property. Our drive-by inspections also make sure your tenant hasn’t given squatters access to your property, therefore preventing a possible Las Vegas squatter removal.

Maintain the safety and security of your real estate property. Maximize your profits by keeping squatters away. Ask us how we can help!