Wave of Squatters Threatens Las Vegas as Thousands of Homes Sit Empty

Wave of Squatters Threatens Las Vegas as Thousands of Homes Sit Empty

Removing Squatters from Private Property Las Vegas: Avoiding Cash for Keys

In the last three years, there has been a big leap in the service calls regarding squatter problems. The Guardian reports that this has increased to 25% since 2013. A more aggressive action plan for law enforcement as well as the passing of new laws have been made to hopefully resolve this. Even with these new implementations the squatter issue is still prevalent due to the multitude of empty homes in Las Vegas. For assistance in removing squatters from private property Las Vegas, contact Tactical Real Estate Solutions at (702)901-9390. Our highly experienced staff already know the laws surrounding squatter eviction and can promptly remove the squatters illegally occupying the empty homes in your neighborhood.

What is Cash for Keys

As explained by The Balance, the term cash for keys is a way that tenants in foreclosed homes receive a big sum of money in exchange for leaving the property they are squatting on. Due to Las Vegas roller coaster economy, some people have won big but some have reached rock bottom as well. These people become desperate enough to scam their way into living rent-free in abandoned homes. They use fraudulent documents to be able to use the house’s utilities. However, living rent- free is not the only thing squatters are bound to do. Some create drug, prostitution, or an illegal weapons ring in these empty homes. These homes usually get damaged as they strip the house of the things that they can sell to earn money. Their end game is usually having the bank pay them to leave through cash for keys.

Removing squatters from Las Vegas private property can be a daunting task. Performing the task yourself by harassing the squatters can bring forth more problems as you can be held liable for your actions. This can lead to a court case with you being fined and the squatter still being able to live in the empty house until they are properly evicted.

Leave it to the Experts

Here at Tactical Real Estate Solutions, we only want what is the best for our clients. Let us handle the task of removing squatters from private property in Las Vegas to avoid more problems from arising. However, we do have a free safety, security and crime prevention training that homeowners and their community can take to learn about avoiding such unsavory situations. Call us today or check out our website to learn more.