Understanding the History of Squatting to Provide Realty Solutions

Understanding the History of Squatting to Provide Realty Solutions

A squatter’s life isn’t as easy and colorful as everyone paints it to be. It is always clouded with confrontations at each turn, or in their case, each house, which makes their lives difficult as well as those of the real owners. There are existing laws that provide squatters their rights with regards to their tenancy as well as solutions for real estate Las Vegas for landlords to follow. But how does squatting really work exactly? We have been responding to service calls from citizens in the Clark County for a long time now which makes our team at Tactical Real Estate Solutions the most efficient people in dealing with squatters. But in order to fully grasp the squatting problem, we educate people about security and crime prevention in their neighborhoods above all else.

How Squatting Started According To History Books

Over the years, squatting has taken different forms. Poor and unemployed people are usually the ones that illegally establish residence on unattended property because of lack of means and real estate solutions Las Vegas. Eventually, if one or more group or family decide to build their house on an abandoned plot of land, they form a shantytown. Brazil has a famous slum town called the Cidade de Deus or City of God which, according to Wikipedia, was founded in 1960 by the Guanabara State to relocate all the squatters from the center of town to one neighborhood. They even have a local currency that is exclusively used in the community to boost local economic growth and is about about 20% higher than currency of Brazil.

The United States and Australia are also living proofs that squatting can blow up in great proportions, as stated in Nations Online, since the people who founded these nations established and occupied lands which were already inhabited with people. It continued to spread throughout the neighboring lands until the original residents were eventually subdued.

Poverty, unemployment and recession can increase squatting problems in any country. In these unfortunate situations, homeless people see abandoned houses as a place of refuge and most of the time a place to commit a crime. In our experience with being a real estate solutions company Las Vegas, we have encountered houses that have been broken in by squatters and neighborhoods ransacked by malicious people looking for a place to continue their crimes. Our trustworthy team of ex-law enforcement officers here at Tactical Real Estate Solutions follow through a legal process in evicting these squatters and provide the real homeowners relief in the shortest period of time.

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