Top Two Problematic Scenarios that Can Happen During a Squatter Eviction Las Vegas

Top Two Problematic Scenarios that Can Happen During a Squatter Eviction Las Vegas

When AB 386, a new law made by the Nevada Legislature against squatters, took effect last October 1st of 2016, it also came with it two new offenses specifically targeting squatters: unlawful occupancy and housebreaking. But as it turns out, squatters themselves know how to bend the laws regarding their crime. They are aware of this and found loophole that they use to their advantage. This is why squatter eviction Las Vegas is still a recurring problem. We have been combating this epidemic at Tactical Real Estate Solutions for a long time now and have also been using the law to speed up the legal process.

Owners Forced To Spend To Get Rid Of Squatters

Part of the problem is the fact that investigation can take a while after a squatting has been reported. Sometimes the police themselves don’t want to get involved since Las Vegas squatter eviction is seen as a civil matter between squatter and homeowner. However, regardless of the grounds of squatting, there are two scenarios that homeowners can expect after discovering illegal residents in the property. First, they can call the police and wait for due legal process to be done before changing the locks. An arrest can sometimes happen if related crimes such as drugs or prostitution have also been discovered. The owners will then have to post a legal document about retaking possession for 21 days, stated by the Civil Law Self-Help Center in Nevada. During this time, squatters can also either file for their return to the property or worse; claim that something has been taken from their belongings which are kept inside the property within the 21 days.

The second scenario can be a little costly for the real owners. They can file a four-day notice of surrender to the squatters and the squatters in turn can tell the court that they are legitimate renters which ultimately can delay the whole process for another week. If after the legal process they still haven’t moved out of the property, the homeowner will be forced to spend $50-$100 for a constable in evicting a squatter Las Vegas. Our team at Tactical Real Estate Solutions knows this process leaves a lot to be desired and can be problematic if left unnoticed. We make sure to work within the law to make all legal documents ample enough to prevent unnecessary delays in the court.

Squatter Eviction Las Vegas Is Our Top Concern

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