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Recession has indeed subsided in Las Vegas but squatters are still on the lookout for fresh property they can squat on. Commercial property owners are now seeking more solid and clad insurance, as stated by the International Risk Management Institute, to remedy the problem of squatter invasion. The demand for property ......... more »

Don’t Let Squatters Steal Your Property, Seek Help from Real Estate Solution Providers Las Vegas

Police are now more cautious and smart when it comes to the plague of illegal residents. Differentiating a squatter, who has been duped into legitimately renting a house, from a rental scammer who takes advantage of people has become easier for the force. The recurring squatter problem has made them educate and make th......... more »

Top Two Problematic Scenarios that Can Happen During a Squatter Eviction Las Vegas

When AB 386, a new law made by the Nevada Legislature against squatters, took effect last October 1st of 2016, it also came with it two new offenses specifically targeting squatters: unlawful occupancy and housebreaking. But as it turns out, squatters themselves know how to bend the laws regarding their crime. They are......... more »

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Thousands of houses grow vacant in Las Vegas, with or without the help of recession. This place has seen more big winners and depressed losers to the real estate market than anywhere else in the U.S., all because of the grandiose and luxurious lifestyle it promises to people who come here every year. People who are loo......... more »

Dangerous Crimes Caused By Squatter Invasions

Recession came unexpectedly in Las Vegas and the immediate collapse of the real estate market came with a flood of foreclosures and unemployed heads of families. This has consequently resulted to a serious case of squatting in the Clark County where homeless families choose to stay, uninvited and unannounced, in a prop......... more »

Understanding the History of Squatting to Provide Realty Solutions

A squatter’s life isn’t as easy and colorful as everyone paints it to be. It is always clouded with confrontations at each turn, or in their case, each house, which makes their lives difficult as well as those of the real owners. There are existing laws that provide squatters their rights with regards to their tena......... more »

Bank Foreclosures Worsen Squatter Problem in Las Vegas

With the real estate industry improving, squatting is still a frustrating occurrence in empty houses that are fruits of the past recession. This crisis has limited many US cities to neighborhoods lined with abandoned homes, all of which has been stripped of all utility lines. But this has not stopped people from intrud......... more »

Are Strangers Occupying Your Home? Know the Law on Squatter Removal

People feel most safe when they are in their homes. It is considered the comfort zone of many where they let their guards down and are at their most vulnerable. But what if you come back to a house filled with strangers claiming they own it? And worse, have all the leasing papers to confirm it? Unfortunately, this seem......... more »

Wave of Squatters Threatens Las Vegas as Thousands of Homes Sit Empty

Removing Squatters from Private Property Las Vegas: Avoiding Cash for Keys In the last three years, there has been a big leap in the service calls regarding squatter problems. The Guardian reports that this has increased to 25% since 2013. A more aggressive action plan for law enforcement as well as the passing of new......... more »

Is America Becoming a Country of Squatters?

Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas: Dangers of Squatter Activity As reported by True Activist, a staggering 18.6 million homes in America are vacant. This is due to the foreclosure crisis that the country is facing. Abandoned houses bring forth negative results to a community. Especially since an abandoned home next door......... more »

What to Do When You Have Squatters in Your Neighborhood

Removing Squatters from Private Property Las Vegas: How to Spot a Squatter As reported by The Mind Unleashed, the number of vacant homes in the United reached up to 18.6 million. In 2007 there were 8 million homes that were foreclosed by banks. This is why people should be on the lookout for abandoned homes in their a......... more »

Who to Call When Squatters Invade Your Home

Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas: Resolving Squatter Problems Having a squatter problem can be a very stressful situation. This can be both felt by the property owners as well as the people in the community. As defined by Wise Geek, a squatter is someone living in another person’s property without permission. Yet, it......... more »

Keeping Your Neighborhood Free from Crime

Squatter Eviction Las Vegas: Why Crime Prevention is Essential Most homeowners agree that safety is the number one priority when choosing a neighborhood to live in. This is especially true for homeowners that have kids. No one wants to reside in a neighborhood that has a prolific crime rate. Naturally, people would wa......... more »

How Crime Affects Property Values

Evicting Squatters Las Vegas: Increase Real Estate Value There are many factors to be considered when buy selling a house. Crime rates might not be the first thing you will consider when opting to sell your property. However, for most buyers, neighborhood safety is at the top of their lists. According to Settled, an a......... more »

Do You Need Homeowner Representation?

Realty Solutions Las Vegas: Protecting Your Property from Adverse Possession The thought of a squatter having legal ownership of a property that they have illegally settled on may seem disconcerting. Homeowners might view it in a negative light seeing it as unjust or unfair. However, the law points out that this was m......... more »

An Overview of America’s Squatter Problem

Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas: The Squatter Problem in America As defined by Investopedia, a squatter is someone who dwells in a property without any legal claim on it. Squatting is considered living in a property in which someone does not have a legal title or lease on it. What is disheartening about the situation,......... more »

The location of this home was 6378 Azurelyn, Las Vegas, NV. It's by the Silverbowl by Broadbent and Russell Rd. This is a house that my wife Dawn has listed with our brokerage. The owner had moved out and it was supposed to be vacant. She had been there a couple weeks before and felt that someone was there so she di......... more »

Your life is worth more than your listing

On Sunday, April 10th, as I proceeded to inspect my vacant residential listings, I noticed something wrong as I approached one particular listing. I noticed multiple windows were open. At first, I thought an agent may have left the windows open by mistake, but I had no indication from the listing service that an agent ......... more »

Vacant home fires increase as squatters pop up around the valley

The call went out just after 1 p.m. It was a kitchen fire at a vacant home on Helen Avenue. Jamie Patrick says her niece who lives in Alaska is the owner and the home was in the process of being sold. "Nobody has touched it," Patrick said. "I was just here two days ago." The cause of the fire will go down as undete......... more »

Home invasion thwarted after shots fired

A home invasion was thwarted when a man inside the house got his gun, chasing away the would-be invaders Thursday morning, Las Vegas police said. Officers were called to a home invasion in the 1700 block of Breezewood Drive, near Vegas and North Torrey Pines drives, at 11:12 a.m., Metro Sgt. Steve Candelas said. Two ......... more »