Are Strangers Occupying Your Home? Know the Law on Squatter Removal

Are Strangers Occupying Your Home? Know the Law on Squatter Removal

People feel most safe when they are in their homes. It is considered the comfort zone of many where they let their guards down and are at their most vulnerable. But what if you come back to a house filled with strangers claiming they own it? And worse, have all the leasing papers to confirm it? Unfortunately, this seemingly catchy plot twist from a legal movie (or horror) is very real in some parts of the country. The first thing you may think to do when you find yourself in this sticky situation is find realty solutions Las Vegas and what better company to help you out than Tactical Real Estate Solutions. We offer the fastest service in the removal of squatters in your property with the primary help of our tactical and law enforcement experience.

Know the Law About Removal of Squatters

Initially, it is considered a civil matter for people to forcefully evict squatters but an existing law has recently been redesigned to make evictions quicker and less troublesome to homeowners according to the Legislation Homepage of Nevada. AB 386, identified as the “Squatters Issue” bill, provides a detailed process of removing squatters from a dwelling and at the same time creating criminal offenses such as “housebreaking” and “unlawful occupancy.” Housebreaking offenses are booked, with the help of realty solutions company in Las Vegas, for people who have broken into an uninhabited dwelling without legalities while unlawful occupancy is the act of purposely living in a property without any legal permission from the owner.

In Nevada, and as reported by Legalmatch, it is unlawful for anyone to forcibly remove someone from a property, squatter or not, for the reason that some of these squatters are also victims of scammers. In most cases, they have only been scammed by fake landlords into believing that their rental is legitimate and even collect rent from them.

It is a very problematic situation and exposes the real homeowners to the risks of losing the privilege of living in their own home as well as losing money in filing a case against the squatters. Victims or not, they sometimes intend to delay the process on purpose that is why it is vital for the homeowners to search for solutions for Las Vegas real estate properties. Our team of lawyers and law enforcement at Tactical Real Estate Solutions can help you avoid this complication by making sure scamming landlords don’t use any of your properties illegally. Filing a case can take months but our team of highly experienced experts with the law can prevent unnecessary delays and errors.

Realty Solutions Las Vegas For Squatter Removal

Protect Your Home From Illegal Inhabitants by making Tactical Real Estate Solutions your homeowner representation and realtor escort. Let us know your predicament by calling our hotline at (702)901-9390. We offer the fastest squatters solution!