Squatter Break In - Las Vegas

The location of this home was 6378 Azurelyn, Las Vegas, NV. It’s by the Silverbowl by Broadbent and Russell Rd. This is a house that my wife Dawn has listed with our brokerage.

The owner had moved out and it was supposed to be vacant. She had been there a couple weeks before and felt that someone was there so she didn’t go upstairs trusting her gut instinct. Because some work needed to be done inside, she asked me to go with her so she could see if the work had been completed.

As we walked up to the front door, she noticed the lockbox was missing. I turned the knob and it was unlocked. I had her step away from the door. I opened the door and noticed clothes, boxes and other personal items that shouldn’t have been there.

I was armed and cleared the house but no one was inside but there were signs that someone was squatting inside the residence. The last time another real estate agent was there was on the previous Friday based on the lockbox computerized log. This incident happened on a Monday.

I noticed that there were papers with names, SSN’s and DOB’s. This is a sign of fraudulent activity possibly going to occur. No one was hurt but there was damage done to the door and stair railing.

We had the lock rekeyed and moved all property to the curb. It’s sad that criminals don’t care about others belongings. I guess that’s why they are criminals. That’s the long and short of it.

How We Can Help with Squatters

One of the major targets of squatters are vacant homes that are for sale or rent.  Squatters will see the “for sale” sign out in the yard, and will target the home because they know that nobody is home.

Squatter Removal

As a former law enforcement officer, I have training & experience in dealing with the proper method of squatter removal in Las Vegas.  You should not put your life in danger by attempting this yourself.  Additionally, there are various laws that must be followed in order to remove the squatter free & clear of any litigation.

Escort & Protection

As a former law enforcement officer, I’m trained in dealing with potential threats.  Squatters may present this threat to a visiting Real Estate agent, or potential buyer.  If you suspect that a home has been broken into by a squatter, I can clear the home for you, and deal with any trespassers in a legal fashion.  I carry a firearm and have extensive experience in dealing with these situations.

Property Monitoring & Management

I also offer a service to prevent & deter would-be squatters and trespassers.  I will routinely patrol your home and make sure that no one has broken in or attempted to break-in.  If someone has already broken in, many times I can assist in getting them removed before they can do any major damage.