What to Do When You Have Squatters in Your Neighborhood

What to Do When You Have Squatters in Your Neighborhood

Removing Squatters from Private Property Las Vegas: How to Spot a Squatter

As reported by The Mind Unleashed, the number of vacant homes in the United reached up to 18.6 million. In 2007 there were 8 million homes that were foreclosed by banks. This is why people should be on the lookout for abandoned homes in their area. This is because foreclosed and abandoned homes are squatter magnets. Removing squatters from private property Las Vegas is not always an easy task. That is why we, at Tactical Real Estate Solutions, offer squatter removal services to help homeowners deal with squatters settling in their neighborhood. Working within the law, we can quickly remove squatters in your neighborhood to uphold your community’s security.

Signs of Squatting

Removing squatter from private property Las Vegas starts as early as the detection of the illegal settlers in the area. Alert Tactical Real Estate Solutions as soon as there is suspicion of a squatter living in your neighborhood. The earlier the squatter is detected and reported the better. Here are a few signs, according to WikiHow, to look out for which indicates a squatter may be living in a vacant home in your area:

  • Watch Out for Smoke

During the cold seasons, check for signs of small fires inside or outside the house. This can also be a fire hazard so it is best to be watchful. A good idea is to check out the chimneys of abandoned houses and see if they produce any smoke. The presence of smoke might mean that someone is making use of the fireplace in that house.

  • Human Activity

If you notice personal things in and outside the house even if there is still a “For Sale” sign that is put up it is an indication of a squatter. Observe the people coming and going. Unless there is an open house arranged by a realtor, the people that you see coming and going might just be squatters as abandoned houses can be used as a drug den by dealers.

  • Property Damage

Consider tents, damaged doors, and windows as red flags. Check for signs of graffiti and other property damage as well. Sometimes squatters tend to pry the locks on doors open so they can get inside the house. However, if they are not able to do so they may use tents.

Seek the Experts

In the case that squatters do turn up removing squatters from private property in Las Vegas is the next step. Just call Tactical Real Estate Solutions (702)901-9390 and we’ll take care of the problem for you. Our trustworthy staff is made up of former law enforcers who have years of experience with squatter removal so you are in very good hands. Check out our site today!