Do You Need Homeowner Representation?

Do You Need Homeowner Representation?

Realty Solutions Las Vegas: Protecting Your Property from Adverse Possession

The thought of a squatter having legal ownership of a property that they have illegally settled on may seem disconcerting. Homeowners might view it in a negative light seeing it as unjust or unfair. However, the law points out that this was made to avoid a piece of land from being neglected or forgotten. In the case that it is neglected, it will go to the individual, in this case, the squatter, using or caring for the property for a lengthy period of time. This is the concept of adverse possession as defined by Wikipedia. In the case that you have a squatter in your property you may be in need of Homeowner Representation. Finding the best realty solutions Las Vegas offers does not need to be that hard. Here, at Tactical Real Estate Solutions, we provide the legal assistance needed to avoid adverse possession.

Requirements for Adverse Possession

Adverse possession can happen to any property. It can either be residential or commercial like rental property, vacation rentals, vacant property and homes for sale. Therefore, acquiring Homeowner Representation realty solutions Las Vegas NV is a great way of preventing it. There are several factors that need to be fulfilled in order for adverse possession to be granted. According to Nolo, the following conditions must be met:

  • Hostile

This what “adverse” means in adverse possession. It must be in opposition to the interests of the legal land owner.

  • Actual

The illegal settler must be present physically and treat the land as if they own it. An example of this would be the squatter maintaining the property or making improvements on it.

  • Open and Notorious

This means that the squatter must possess or reside on the property for openly and publicly to everyone’s knowledge including the land owner. If the squatter occupies the land in secret, legal rights to the property will not be awarded.

  • Exclusive and Continuous

The squatter must be the only one possessing the land and not share it with any other parties. Other parties include strangers as well as the land owners themselves. The law also requires that the stay or squatting period be continuous. Once the squatter gives up the property the time period will be set back to zero. In Nevada, the continuity period only takes as short as 5 years.

Get Homeowner Representation

The best realty solutions Las Vegas offers will provide Homeowner Representation services. The staff here at Tactical Real Estate Solutions have had extensive experience in responding to unlawful occupancy. They help will the lawful eviction of squatters on your properties and prevent adverse possession. Call (702)901-9390 today to discuss the full extent of our services.