Realtor Escort

Realtor Escort

Reports of crimes committed against realtors make home solutions realty Las Vegas indispensable. Brokers and real estate agents are exposed to danger as they show properties to strangers. Sharing their contact details with the public also expose them to security issues. In fact, 40% of realtors have experienced fear for their personal safety and 4% of them have actually fallen victim to identity theft, assault, and robbery, according to the National Association of Realtors 2015 Member Safety Report.

The Root of the Problem

While the security threat may be attributed to the nature of the real estate agent’s job, the real root of the issue is a lack of knowledge. Most real estate agents recognize the fact that their lives are in constant danger, but they do not have access to realty solutions for Las Vegas homes.

In most cases, real estate professionals fail to find out who they are meeting. Making a sale is their priority in this highly competitive industry. They tend to sacrifice their safety for a sale until they become a victim. If you say home solutions realty Las Vegas is an unnecessary expense, think again.

Real Crimes Committed Against Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents face all sorts of threats to their safety. Without Las Vegas home solutions realty, crimes big and small can happen during client meetings and open house events.

  •         In Portage County, Ohio, Andrew VonStein was shot dead by a guy who got upset after a sour deal.
  •         Vivian Martin of Youngstown, Ohio, was found dead after she was robbed and strangled by men who posed as home buyers.
  •         In McKinney, Texas, Sarah Anne Walker was stabbed 27 times while hosting an open house. The killer was a felon who was then out on parole.
  •         A real estate agent in Orange County was clubbed and raped by Shawn David Yates, a man who acted as a prospective home buyer. She survived the attack by pretending to be dead.

Home solutions realty Las Vegas: A Sale is not Worth More than Your Life

Las Vegas home solutions realty is indispensable because of the unarguable fact that your life is worth more than your listing. Criminals can easily spot their target victims. They look for those who seem unaware, submissive, and weak.  Tactical Real Estate Solutions teaches you how to be in control when facing criminals while on the job. With 25 years of law enforcement experience, we and our team leader, Steve Candelas, can train you to recognize subtle signs of predatory criminals.

What good is a sale if you can’t fully enjoy its benefits? A sale is not worth risking your life. Las Vegas home solutions realty should be a priority for your own safety. Our realty solutions for Las Vegas homes include the services of a realtor escort who can protect your life and property when you are doing an open house, showing a property to potential buyers, or just performing routine checkups.

The Best and the Biggest Real Estate Companies Know Prevention is Key

Latter & Blum Inc. Realtors, considered the first and the biggest real estate company in the Gulf South, knows how important personal safety protocol is for their agents. In an article on the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, he recommends that first meetings with potential real estate buyers should not be done alone.

You can ask a friend or a family member to go with you to an open house or a client meeting, but do they have the necessary skills to safeguard you from threats? It is best to have realty solutions for Las Vegas homes from former law enforcement professionals. Our company head, Steve Candelas, has 25 years of law enforcement experience patrolling neighborhoods, serving in an FBI safe streets gang task force, and as a patrol lieutenant for the LVMPD.

You can ask him directly about home solutions realty Las Vegas. You may also improve your knowledge about realty solutions for Las Vegas homes. Prevent crimes by reading our blog. Better yet, try our Las Vegas home solutions realty services now!