An Overview of America’s Squatter Problem

An Overview of America's Squatter Problem

Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas: The Squatter Problem in America

As defined by Investopedia, a squatter is someone who dwells in a property without any legal claim on it. Squatting is considered living in a property in which someone does not have a legal title or lease on it. What is disheartening about the situation, though, is that there are cases where legal property owners could possibly lose their lands to squatters. Removing squatters can be a tricky job due to strict national laws as well as specific state laws that need to be followed which could take from 10 to 180 days. That is why, we, at Tactical Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas aim to help homeowners remove illegal settlers in their properties.

Squatter Rights

According to US Legal, squatter rights are the lawful allowance of a person to reside in a property owned by another person as long as there is no attempt by the legal owner to force the squatter to be evicted from the property. Over time the squatter can take a claim to the property and convert it to a legal title using Adverse Possession depending on the state laws in the area. In New Jersey, a squatter must stay and possess the property for as long as 30 years before taking a claim on it. However, in some states like Nevada, it can only take as short as 5 years.

That is where, we at Tactical Real Estate Solutions in Las Vegas, can step in. We offer squatter removal services to help our clients evict unlawful occupancy in their properties. Our staff is comprised of former professional law enforcers who have had years of experience with legally evicting illegal settlers. We understand that homeowners feel that they have the solid right to legally evict the squatters but we also strongly advise that you do not do it on your own. There are laws surrounding the lawful eviction of squatters that homeowners do not know yet. Aside from the squatter being potentially dangerous, homeowners can be held liable as well. Because of this, we also offer education to homeowners as well as the neighborhoods in Las Vegas regarding, home security, safety, and crime prevention.

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