Who to Call When Squatters Invade Your Home

Who to Call When Squatters Invade Your Home

Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas: Resolving Squatter Problems

Having a squatter problem can be a very stressful situation. This can be both felt by the property owners as well as the people in the community. As defined by Wise Geek, a squatter is someone living in another person’s property without permission. Yet, it is not always as simple as that. This is because not all squatters have the simple goal of just finding shelter. Some try to acquire the land they are squatting on or worse using the property as a base for illegal activities. These can range from robberies to prostitution to even turning the property into a drug den. By calling Tactical Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas on (702)901-9390 as soon as there is suspicion of a squatter will help avoid the issue from becoming serious. Our staff is made of professionals who have worked in law enforcement and can quickly and efficiently remove the squatters from your neighborhood.

Who is Steve Candelas?

Steve Candelas is the head of Tactical Real Estate Solutions. The company he started is the best real estate solutions Las Vegas NV has to offer. This is because aside from the staff, Mr. Candelas himself has served for over 25 years in law enforcement from 1990 to 2016. For the last 20 years of his service, he has worked with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Most of this time was spent patrolling neighborhoods as well as responding to service calls from Las Vegas Citizens.

In May 2015, the Nevada Assembly Bill 386 was passed by the Legislature. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this is the anti-squatting bill that turned housebreaking as well as unlawful occupancy into crimes which were only regarded as civil disputes previously. However, despite this squatting is still prevalent. That is why Steve Candelas and his team of experts aim to educate Las Vegas neighborhoods regarding safety, security, and crime prevention. He has even developed prevention and awareness programs that are still being used today.

Step Towards a Safer Community

For squatter issues, contact Tactical Real Estate Solutions today! Aside from squatter removal, we also offer services such as homeowner representation, for both local and out-of-state property owners, and realtor escorts as well. The experience that our team has makes us good realtor escorts for open houses as well as those properties that are occupied by squatters. Effective real estate solutions in Las Vegas is just within your reach. Call us today!