Real Estate Agent Tips: Contact a Home Solutions Realty Las Vegas Provider Now!

Real Estate Agent Tips: Contact a Home Solutions Realty Las Vegas Provider Now!

Thousands of houses grow vacant in Las Vegas, with or without the help of recession. This place has seen more big winners and depressed losers to the real estate market than anywhere else in the U.S., all because of the grandiose and luxurious lifestyle it promises to people who come here every year. People who are looking to fulfill, and climb back up to, the American Dream may seem to be the ones who need help with home solutions realty Las Vegas. But, truth of the matter is, real estate agents also find it hard to ride the wave of the market. Our experts at Tactical Real Estate Solutions know this dilemma all too well because our company has been answering service calls and attending to squatter problems for a while now. We have worked on evicting squatters and have vast experience with the law surrounding their rights and crimes.

Real Estate Agents Are At Risk When Facing Squatters

Agents sometimes arrive in a property, with potential buyers and Las Vegas home solutions realty in tow, expecting an empty house only to find illegal occupants living inside, like this story from Las Vegas Sun. If you are an agent, you would know yourself if the house is vacant or not because you have direct connection with the real owners. You would have been informed if the property was rented or borrowed by a family member or relative – this is standard protocol between agents and owners. Being in this sticky situation can become problematic real quick especially if the bogus renter shows you a lease which most of the time looks legitimate. Some real estate agents have even reported to facing a squatter posing as an agent, a new twist in real estate scamming from an article in LinkedIn, and telling them different excuses about identification cards and social security number. In our experience at Tactical Real Estate Solution, we have faced all types of squatters who have presented different reasons and allegations. Being faced with this problem, our team of ex-law enforcement officers lay out the possible consequences of the situation to the squatters and uses the squatter’s bill to speed up the filing of case.

Real Estate Escort: A Home Solutions Realty Las Vegas

Even though the Nevada Legislature has passed a law about how to deal with squatters and offer home solutions Las Vegas realty, if they show a lease and no signs of breaking in could be identified, evicting them out of the property will automatically be a civil matter. With this fact alone, squatters don’t only put the whole neighborhood at risk of danger; they also pose as a possible threat to a real estate agent’s safety. We offer assistance to agents at Tactical Real Estate Solutions by escorting them while showing a property. By getting our services, you can be sure that your safety is of utmost priority even after a Squatter Break-In Las Vegas. Contact us through our hotline (702)901-9390 or visit our office today at 2370 Corporate Circle, #120 at Henderson, Nevada. We are more than happy to be of service!