Raise Property Values

Raise Property Values

Negative events make it harder for you to sell your real estate property, according to U.S. News Money. Issues such as mold infestation, fire, or violent crime could decrease your property’s value. That’s what Tactical Real Estate Solutions is here for. With crime prevention techniques, neighborhood clean-up services, property monitoring, and lawful removing squatters from property Las Vegas, your property becomes more desirable than the surrounding competition.

Factors that Drag Property Values Down

Thieves know the house is empty as they spot unkempt lawns and beat-up roofs. You would be devastated if you check your property after a long holiday and then find it has been broken into by squatters. Although it may feel as frightening as a case of burglary, it can be more stressful. Removing squatters from property in Las Vegas NV is a tedious process that requires the expertise of law enforcers.

Home buyers may check the publicly available National Sex Offender Registry before they decide to buy your property. Sex offenders play a key role in dragging down property values in a community. According to a study by the American Economic Review published in 2008, the presence of a registered sex offender in the neighborhood decreases the real estate value by up to 12%.

Nuisance neighbors can potentially reduce average home values. They may intimidate other residents, create graffiti, and cause excessive noise. They damage the entire neighborhood’s reputation and keep potential buyers from even checking the property. If they are squatters, it is best to find out who the property owner is and suggest getting expert help in removing a squatter from Las Vegas property.

The Danger of Foreclosed Homes in Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood’s quality and desirability crash as the number of vacant or foreclosed homes skyrocket. In a report, the New York Times revealed that the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007 led to foreclosures that in turn caused an average of $7, 200 realty value price drop for every nearby home. This is because vacant properties are magnets to squatters who often commit the crimes mentioned above. Fortunately, you can take measures to keep your property and neighborhood value from dropping in case a similar thing happens in the future. Tactical Real Estate Solutions can help you prevent these problems from happening by safeguarding your neighborhood and removing squatters from property Las Vegas.

Is Squatting a Crime?

Entering someone else’s property without permission and staying there for a period of time is a moral crime. However, in the eyes of the law, it only becomes a crime if the property is damaged or vandalized. It is also a crime when a repossession order is delivered by the owner, the police, and the local government, yet the squatter refuses to leave the property. Squatters could become belligerent, so you need to have realtor escorts when removing squatters from property in Las Vegas NV.

Removing Squatters from Property Las Vegas: When is it Illegal?

A layperson will find that the law regarding squatter’s rights is a little vague. Removing a squatter from Las Vegas property is a complicated process fraught with legal papers and hefty fees. What you need is the guidance of experts who know your rights as a property owner. Removing a squatter from Las Vegas property on your own will only be detrimental rather than helpful. It could cause further damage to your property and even lead to legal troubles.

When you exclude the court in the process of removing a squatter from Las Vegas property, you can be held liable. You need to follow the due process of removing squatters from property in Las Vegas NV even though you have the evidence to prove you are the rightful owner. It becomes even more difficult and complicated if the squatter is a former tenant who refuses to leave your rental property. If you do not have a formal court-ordered eviction notice, removing squatters from property Las Vegas is illegal.

Tactical Real Estate Solutions is a company of former law enforcement professionals headed by Steve Candelas. We can help increase your property value by legally and speedily removing squatters from property in Las Vegas NV. Triple your property value today!