Squatter Removal

Squatter Removal

Squatters are illegal settlers. They occupy homes and properties that are unoccupied, abandoned, or foreclosed. In the current economy, you, as a landlord or property owner, can’t afford to have your property vandalized or your tenants bullied by squatters. However, squatters could be smart too. They find ways to establish their tenants’ rights. Although they are violating trespassing laws, evicting squatters in Las Vegas requires strict adherence to national and state laws.

Evicting Squatters Las Vegas: Harder than Dealing with Trespassers

Although squatters are in effect trespassing on your property, they typically do more harm than mere trespassers. They move into your property without your permission, apply for utilities under their name, receive mail using your property address, and take possession of your property without legal papers. Meanwhile, trespassers may break into doors and windows to get inside your property. They usually don’t intend to stay for a long period of time.

The police can eject trespassers instantaneously, but with squatters, it’s a much more complicated matter. Evicting squatters in Las Vegas NV could take a lot longer than ejecting trespassers. All squatter evictions begin with a notice, as stated on the Las Vegas Township Constable’s website, and could take between 10 to 180 days.

Legally Evicting Squatters in Las Vegas

In some states, including Nevada, you can be sued if you forcibly evict them out of the property. This is because some squatters are mere victims of scammers who made them believe they are lawful tenants. These scammers pose as fake landlords and collect rent from the squatters. It is a complicated case, but Tactical Real Estate Solutions can help make sure scammers don’t use your property to fool other people. Usually, these victims will be willing to help you report the case to authorities. However, they might turn out to be belligerent. Eliminate the risk by having one of our law enforcement experts as your realtor escort.

Legally removing squatters taking up residence in your property could take months. You need to file a repossession claim first to establish ownership with the help of the court. Our team of experts can help you take this action to prevent errors and delays.

Try Our Services for Effectively Removing Squatters from Your Property

There might come a time for physically evicting squatters Las Vegas out of your property. Never do this on your own. It can be dangerous and you can be held liable by law even though you feel you are on the right. Our staff, made up of former law enforcement professional, has wide-ranging experience in working within the law. You can be sure that you will not get in trouble when evicting squatters in Las Vegas with our help.

Squatters are a widespread problem. The LVMPD received more than 4,000 squatter-related complaints in 2015, according to the New York Times. That’s why Steve Candelas, head of Tactical Real Estate Solutions, developed ways of evicting squatters in Las Vegas NV lawfully, effectively, and quickly. We also formulated ways to avoid safety and security issues involving squatters. This way, you won’t have to go through the tedious and long-winded process of evicting squatters Las Vegas.

There are many situations that could make evicting squatters in Las Vegas extremely hard. What if your tenant moves out but intentionally pass the possession of the premises to other people who are not on the lease? These new “tenants” can now be considered squatters. Evicting squatters in Las Vegas NV, in this cases, is the hardest because they have in their hands some legal papers from the previous tenant. A tenant screening process is necessary to keep this from happening, and we can help you come up with a strict and effective technique.

Want more information about evicting squatters Las Vegas? Visit our website and read our blog. You may also call us to set up a meeting so we can talk about our lawful solutions for Evicting squatters in Las Vegas NV. Need law enforcement experts to monitor your properties and keep them safe from squatters? Try our services today!