Neighborhood Cleanup

Neighborhood Cleanup

Neighborhood safety is a major concern of homeowners. However, even communities with security systems in place are susceptible to crime. In fact, there was a 1.7% increase in the number of violent crimes in the first half of 2015, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting. With the increasing realty crimes rates, it is important to be vigilant in keeping robbers, thieves, and burglars from our own neighborhood. The best way to do that? Evicting a squatter in Las Vegas real estate properties.

Want to make sure you neighborhood is safe? Your neighborhood cleanup should, first and foremost, include evicting a squatter in Las Vegas NV. Removing potential safety hazards, and beautifying the neighborhood should follow. These are the things we can do for Tactical Real Estate Solutions clients.

Evicting a Squatter in Las Vegas: An Urgent Need

Let’s discuss squatter evicting in Las Vegas. Why is there an immediate need for evicting a squatter in Las Vegas even when you have no idea what to do with the property they occupied without your consent? On a business perspective, having squatters in your neighborhood can lower your property value. But a more pressing concern is the security threat they bring.

As the LVMPD officers have found, squatters conducting illegal operations on vacant properties are most likely to happen. Some of them use these empty homes as chop shops and drug labs. That is why evicting a squatter in Las Vegas NV has become a serious issue. In other cases, they rob residents, commit murder, and steal the neighbor’s resources such as water and electricity. Reports also show that your real estate agents have more chances of experiencing assaults with squatters around. As Nevada Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman puts it, “If you’re willing to break into a home and move in, what else are you capable of?”

Removing Potential Safety Hazards

Apart from evicting a squatter in Las Vegas NV lawfully and quickly, our law enforcement experience makes spotting safety hazards feel like second skin to us. A comprehensive security assessment is part of our services at Tactical Real Estate Solutions. We identify the vulnerabilities present in the neighborhood and in your property.

After a thorough security inspection, we provide effective solutions to you and to the Home Owners Associations in order to achieve a safe neighborhood. The inspection includes assessment of lighting in parking areas, garages, entrances, and public areas. We also provide suggestions on how to control entrances and exits in the neighborhood. A neighborhood policing program may also be provided according to your request. And in relation to squatter evicting in Las Vegas, our security inspection also ensures that residents in your community are trustworthy and willing to watch out for each other.

Beautifying the Neighborhood

The Commission on Health reveals in a 2008 paper that mortality is affected by social and economic features of a neighborhood such as air quality and real estate crime rates. As a real property owner, it is your responsibility to continuously improve the beauty and livability of the neighborhood. Livability definitely means evicting a squatter in Las Vegas property. Squatters are not only threats to safety, but they also scare off investors who can bring better health and educational services. Besides, they could also affect the beauty and safety of your community as they vandalize, wreck, and use vacant homes for manufacturing illegal drugs. Evicting a squatter in Las Vegas NV is a key part of beautification and security plans.

After squatter evicting in Las Vegas, we can proceed to the inspection of infrastructure to find out which parts need repair. Damaged and deteriorating neighborhoods are associated with crime, that’s why our neighborhood cleanup services are not limited to spotting squatters and other criminals. We also check the community for the conditions that may contribute to criminal activities. Our neighborhood cleanup services thwarts crimes because improved and well-maintained neighborhoods show people strong community involvement and concern among residents.

Looking for safety, security, and crime prevention plans that can be fused with your neighborhood beautification projects? Need professional help for squatter evicting in Las Vegas? Try Tactical Real Estate Solutions today!