The #1 real estate fear that keeps people from buying a home is the loss of property value, according to Investopedia. That is why our real estate solutions Las Vegas zero in on raising the property value of individual homes and communities. We make your homes and neighborhood more desirable than the surrounding competition. Our real estate solutions Las Vegas NV prioritize safety and security, and with good reason – crime is an agent of change in the socio-economic set up of a community. High crime rates pose a threat to the stability of homes and neighborhoods.

According to Leigh Linden of Columbia University and Jonah E. Rockoff of Columbia Business School, “In response to real estate crime risk, residents generally have two options: they can vote for anti-crime policies, or they can vote with their feet. When individuals exercise the latter option, local response to crime will be observed in the housing market.” With real estate solutions Las Vegas, you can help your tenants rest assured they are safe and secure by imposing anti-crime policies, or else, potential buyers and tenants will walk away.

An Urgent Need for Tactical Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas

There are countless evidence to the rising violence in the real estate industry. In fact, Las Vegas, Nevada has a real estate crime rate 13% higher than the national average, according to Area Vibes. Agents, for instance, make their living by meeting complete strangers in an empty house. They might also encounter squatters or angry ex-tenants.

Meanwhile, numerous parts of Las Vegas is struggling with a squatter problem. This year saw a 23.1% increase in reports of squatter-related incidents, according to the Las Vegas Police Department. In fact, the new Nevada Assembly Bill 386 was passed in May 2015 to get squatters out of Nevada.

For instance, we recently discovered that one of the homes listed with our brokerage was illegally inhabited by squatters. The said residence is located at 6378 Azurelyn, Las Vegas, NV near Silverbowl by Broadbent and Russell Road. The owner had already moved out and it was supposed to be vacant. My wife, Dawn Candelas, was there a couple of weeks before and she had a gut feeling that someone else was there. She trusted her instinct and didn’t go upstairs.

Since she had some work done inside the home, she asked me to come with her to check if it had been completed. As we walked up to the front door, she noticed that the lock box was missing. I turned the knob and it was unlocked. I took over and asked her to step away from the door. When I opened the door, I found clothes, boxes and other personal items that shouldn’t have been there. I was armed so I cleared the house but there was no one inside. However, it was evident that someone was squatting inside the empty residence. There were papers with names, social security numbers and date of births. This is actually a sign that fraudulent activity was possibly going to happen inside the home.

The last time another real estate agent visited the property was on the previous Friday based on the lock box computerized log and this incident occurred on a Monday. This means whoever was illegally inhabiting the home entered it on Friday. Fortunately, no one was hurt but there was damage done to the door and stair railing. To secure the home, we had the lock rekeyed and we moved all of the property to the curb.


Entice More Buyers to Your Property

For the residents of Las Vegas to feel safe in their homes, they need Las Vegas real estate solutions from experts who have extensive knowledge of the law. At Tactical Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas NV, we help you remove squatters from your properties, legally and quickly. But more than that, we work with you to assess the state of your neighborhood and recommend plans for crime prevention, safety hazard removal, and community beautification. These are just a few of the many ways our Las Vegas real estate solutions increase the value of your property.

The main goal of our company is to provide real estate solutions Las Vegas NV to help keep the community safe. And in so doing, we also help real estate businesses and sellers raise their property values. Our Las Vegas real estate solutions will keep your property or your community desirable in the eyes of the buyers by monitoring and routinely visiting your property to make sure no squatters and other potential hazards occur. We can also train and educate you about real estate solutions Las Vegas regarding neighborhood safety, security, and crime prevention.

Get Help from Security Experts

Most of Steve Candelas’ life, he spent in uniform patrolling the neighborhood in Las Vegas. He made sure citizens are safe and that they have someone to respond to their cries for help in emergency situations. He also held numerous liaison positions that taught him the best strategies to keep a neighborhood safe, address gun violence, and the prosecution of violent crimes. His expertise includes criminal activity prevention and awareness training and programs for civilians.

Knowing full well the possibility of criminal activities in the neighborhoods of Las Vegas and how to prevent these violent crimes, he created Tactical Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas NV together with fellow ex-law enforcers. He chose only the best and the most experienced in handling squatters and property crimes. Our law enforcement experience also makes us the best choice as security escorts for open houses and for visiting properties occupied by squatters.

Maximize profits from your real estate properties using the most effective real estate solutions Las Vegas. Keep your tenants safe and secure. Try our Las Vegas real estate solutions now!