Experienced Law Enforcement Professional

Experienced Law Enforcement Professional

The increase in the risk of having squatters occupying commercial properties may be blamed on two key factors. First is the recession which found businesses struggling and eventually stopping their operations. Second is the law that made squatting in residential properties a criminal offense. The Assembly Bill 386 made the removal of squatters in residential properties a lot easier. However, squatters now turned their attention to commercial properties. This makes commercial real estate solutions in Las Vegas imperative.

The History of Squatting in the United States

Squatting is primarily considered a rural issue, with the first squatting cases involved Pilgrims who came from Europe to the United States. Today, squatting is a complex, civil issue and is not considered a criminal offense in many countries. In some places, squatters who have occupied a property for more than 12 years can gain its lawful ownership. In order to get them out of your property and prevent this from happening in the first place, commercial real estate solutions Las Vegas is necessary.

The Impact of Foreclosures in the Community

The economic crisis of 2008 had a huge impact on numerous businesses that ceased operations. Foreclosures increased between 2006 and 2009. This led to the rise in the number of vacant commercial properties. In 2010, foreclosure rate fell in southern Nevada at 6.6%. However, it still is five times higher than the national average. In fact, America Online (AOL Inc.) listed Nevada as one of the worst real estate markets in the US that year.

It is clear, based on evidence, that foreclosures have a huge impact on the national and local economies. However, the more pressing concern is the increase in crime rates in neighborhoods where there are vacant commercial properties. Property owners did not prioritize commercial real estate solutions in Las Vegas back then.

Sensational news stories spread and several studies were conducted on the matter. A 2008 study by Bess found a consistent increase in violent crimes in high realty foreclosure neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meanwhile, in 2011, Teasdale, Clark, and Hinkle, found a significant relationship between foreclosures and crimes such as larceny, burglary, and drug violations.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions in Las Vegas: Reducing Risks in Vacant Properties

As a commercial real estate property owner, do you know that most insurance policies do not cover buildings left vacant for more than a month? Your business acumen might be remarkable, but without real estate solutions for commercial properties in Las Vegas, you could also incur some considerable loss.

Tactical Real Estate Solutions offer effective commercial real estate solutions Las Vegas that can help you prevent squatters and vandals from destroying your business property. You can’t manhandle a squatter and physically remove them out of your property illegally. Sadly, even if you own the property, there are laws that protect the homeless.

We can educate you about safety, security, and crime prevention in your commercial property. Our real estate solutions for commercial properties in Las Vegas are based on law enforcement experience. Our team leader, Steve Candelas, has 25 years of law enforcement experience including the supervision of an FBI safe streets gang task force. He also chaired monthly meetings on Las Vegas bank security.

Crime Prevention in Commercial Properties

Our commercial real estate solutions in Las Vegas can keep crime from occurring in your business premises. If you have a commercial property left vacant until you decide what to do with it, these commercial real estate solutions Las Vegas can be carried out.

We perform inspections to identify potential security hazards and suggest remedial procedures. Our routine checkups help deter thieves and squatters by maintaining a human presence on your property. Our law enforcement experience makes us the best people to provide real estate solutions for commercial properties in Las Vegas.

Would you like to discuss real estate solutions for commercial properties in Las Vegas? Discover ways to protect your commercial real estate property. Let us work together to come up with effective commercial real estate solutions Las Vegas for your vacant properties. Talk to us today!