Dangerous Crimes Caused By Squatter Invasions

Dangerous Crimes Caused By Squatter Invasions

Recession came unexpectedly in Las Vegas and the immediate collapse of the real estate market came with a flood of foreclosures and unemployed heads of families. This has consequently resulted to a serious case of squatting in the Clark County where homeless families choose to stay, uninvited and unannounced, in a property they do not own. While both the homeless and the homeowner are both circumstantial victims, evicting a squatter Las Vegas is necessary but unfortunately considered illegal when done by force and ignoring the correct legal process. Squatting is a criminal offense in Las Vegas and can ruin the community’s sense of security according to New York Times. Fortunately for Nevada neighborhoods, our squatter removal services in Tactical Real Estate Solutions provide the best answer for any squatter problem. We are highly experienced in enforcing the law and the fast eviction of squatters legally.

Burglary, Stalking Among Crimes Done By Squatters

Squatting and Las Vegas evicting a squatter can almost simultaneously mean housebreaking, which is a criminal law in Nevada. Housebreaking, also called NRS 205.46, is when a person forcibly enters a property without permission or valid reason. It is also the act of illegally inhabiting a residence, or lending said residence to another party. This crime is considered a gross misdemeanor in Nevada according to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office and can lead up to a category D felony on the second or subsequent offense.

Most squatters also enter a building with the intent of stealing personal defects and possession of the owner. They can be slapped with Burglary, also known as NRS 205.060, and can be fined with up to $10,000 or thrown in state prison for up to 10 years. Home invasion is also a different crime but is also connected to squatting, which is called NRS 206.067. It is closely related to Housebreaking but is considered a category B felony, up to 10 years inside the Nevada State Prison, or a $10,000 fine.

Evicting A Squatter Las Vegas? We Can Help You!

It may come as a surprise to some but squatter eviction Las Vegas is mostly related to the abovementioned crimes. Seeking advice on How To Deal With Strangers Occupying Your Home should be the first step any homeowner should take when being invaded by illegal residents. We at Tactical Real Estate Solutions can represent homeowners while they are away. We can also act as real estate escorts for potential buyers both local and international. Visit our website or call us today at (702)901-9390 to get rid of your squatter removal problems.