Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Survey after survey, Americans are consistent in saying they believe the violence is more prevalent today than in the past. Employing Las Vegas realty solutions such as neighborhood cleanup, squatter removal, and crime prevention is key to minimizing crime and violence in the community. Instead of staying scared of random acts of violence, we should instead focus on finding smart, effective ways to make or neighborhoods and communities safer. And if you are in the real estate business, realty solutions Las Vegas will prove to be an important business tool in raising the value of your property.

Why Crime Prevention is an Important Real Estate Business Technique

All sorts of crimes have a direct impact not just to the victim but to the society as well. High crime rates affect property value. Home buyers tend to avoid dangerous neighborhoods. Residents may feel unsafe and so they go outside less or move somewhere safer.

The Center for American Progress published a report in 2012 about the effects of crime on real estate values. It showed that house values increase by 0.83% as homicides decrease by 10%. The same idea is true in other countries and regions. In Rio de Janeiro, a 10% to 25% decrease in homicides and 10% to 20% drop in robbery cases increase the selling price of properties by 5% to 10%. That’s how realty solutions Las Vegas NV help increase your property’s desirability.

Realty Solutions Las Vegas: Squatter Eviction

The LVMPD is strengthening their anti-squatter solutions in the city as they have seen the direct relationship of squatter houses to robberies, burglaries, theft, vandalism, and narcotics, according to the Inquistr. As a property owner, you can help prevent these crimes through realty solutions Las Vegas NV.

Some of the squatters were homeless people looking for a safe place of shelter. However, not all of them have the same thing in mind. Some of them use the vacant homes for drug dealings and other illegal operations. Our Las Vegas realty solutions can keep this from happening in your property.

Tactical Real Estate Solutions was created by our company head, Steve Candelas. We offer education and training to property owners about realty solutions Las Vegas NV. Our crime prevention services include lawful, effective, and speedy eviction of squatters, removal of potential safety hazards, routine home monitoring, and realtor escort.

Being the source violent crimes in neighborhoods, our Las Vegas realty solutions are especially focused on squatter removal. Once squatters move in, it can be challenging to evict them out of your property. With our law enforcement experience, we know the legal guidelines needed to prevent violent altercations in case squatters resist eviction.

The Curious Case of Squatter Rights in Nevada

A person who took up residence in your vacant apartment or abandoned property can claim squatter’s rights or adverse possession. These rights were put in place to discourage owners from abandoning their properties for a long time. So, rather than neglecting your property, why not try our realty solutions Las Vegas NV instead?

Squatting is, in its essence, a moral or civil issue rather than a crime. It only becomes a crime once the squatter uses your property for illegal operations or when vandalism is involved. However, the police can’t physically remove the squatter out of your property without the sanction of the court. The eviction process requires complicated paper works and fees. That’s why our Las Vegas realty solutions include measures to prevent squatters from entering your property in the first place.

While you are the rightful owner, confronting the squatter is not a good idea. Some may simply leave upon knowing they’ve been found out while some may refuse to leave and resort to violence. Want to take a shot at evicting squatters without court proceedings? We have realty solutions Las Vegas that can make this possible.

With our realty solutions Las Vegas, you won’t need to risk your life to make sure your property is safe from crime. Let’s get rid of squatters and security hazards in your property. Contact us immediately!