Bank Foreclosures Worsen Squatter Problem in Las Vegas

Bank Foreclosures Worsen Squatter Problem in Las Vegas

With the real estate industry improving, squatting is still a frustrating occurrence in empty houses that are fruits of the past recession. This crisis has limited many US cities to neighborhoods lined with abandoned homes, all of which has been stripped of all utility lines. But this has not stopped people from intruding these homes thus increasing the need for amped up security in neighborhoods and communities. Homeowners should need not to worry about their properties being invaded by strangers with the help of our squatter eviction Las Vegas services at Tactical Real Estate Solutions. We are a Clark County-based team of former law enforcement professionals that have experience in not only working within the law to legally and expediently remove squatters but also teaching neighborhoods about safety and crime prevention.

Bank’s Failure To Foreclose Attracts Squatters

In a recent news article from Las Vegas Sun, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police stated that there had been at least 4,458 squatter-related service calls in Las Vegas last 2015 – a 24% increase from 2014, 69% from 2013 and a whooping 169% from 2012. These numbers alone show a huge leap with regards to Las Vegas squatter eviction and banks may partly be blamed for this. Bank-controlled homes are big players in the current squatter problem. A homeowner’s death or failure of the bank to foreclose the property can mean that the property can stay in limbo for a long period of time, making it eye-candy to squatters. This is referred to as shadow inventory from Investopedia and is particularly true in communities that have increasing numbers of properties nearing foreclosure.

This is exactly why our staff at Tactical Real Estate Solutions make it a point to educate the importance of a safe neighborhood. Whether your home is up for sale or you are living in a neighborhood that is prone to illegal residency, we are the people to call. Keeping your community safe is our number one goal at Tactical Real Estate Solutions, and we will be more than willing to help you in evicting squatters in Las Vegas.

Keep Your Neighborhood Safe With Squatter Eviction Las Vegas

Do you see strangers living in your neighbor’s house? Are you constantly bothered by unfamiliar presence in your community? Call us at (702) 901-9390 to know What to Do When You Have Squatters in Your Neighborhood. Your safety is our utmost priority!