Is America Becoming a Country of Squatters?

Is America Becoming a Country of Squatters?

Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas: Dangers of Squatter Activity

As reported by True Activist, a staggering 18.6 million homes in America are vacant. This is due to the foreclosure crisis that the country is facing. Abandoned houses bring forth negative results to a community. Especially since an abandoned home next door could potentially house a squatter. Tactical Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas understands the dangers and disadvantages squatters bring. Our team of former law enforcers who are highly experienced in dealing with these issues will surely get those squatters evicted as quickly as possible.

Abandoned Houses

Six Wise lists vacant homes as one of the most dangerous types abandoned places. Abandoned apartment buildings and houses rank second on the list. This is due to the fact that abandoned places like these could invite squatters to your safe community. The reason for squatting is not always to find shelter. They could be drug dealers or prostitutes that decide to live in that abandoned house to save on rent and to use the property as a base for their illegal dealings. Having these types of people in the community could prove to be dangerous especially for families with young children. In the cold seasons, the squatters could make use of the house’s fireplace to keep themselves warm. Since these houses are not well maintained the fires they start could spread out to the neighboring buildings and potentially harm the people living next door. The presence of a foreclosed house with a squatter in the area has also proven to bring down a community’s property value. Evicting squatters as soon as they are detected help reduce the hazards their presence brings.

Tactical Real Estate Solutions in Las Vegas is ready to help and educate communities to prevent crime from happening in their neighborhood. Contact us as soon as a squatter is discovered in your area so we can start on the squatter eviction process as soon as possible. We are fully aware of the potential dangers of facing a squatter. That is why we urge communities to leave the squatter eviction to the experts to avoid unsavory situations from happening. Keep yourself safe and let us do the hard work

Highly Experienced Team

Call us today to get the best real estate solutions Vegas offers. Our highly experienced team at Tactical Real Estate Solutions can even serve as efficient realtor escorts for open houses. The safety of our clients is our utmost priority so feel free to approach and contact us anytime. Call us at (702)901-9390 or check out our website for more information.